c157607_mNational Jelly Bean Day!
April 22, 2014

Fill in the blanks to complete these Jelly Bean Fun Facts:

  1. The jelly bean dates back to      a     , when jars of the tasty treats were promoted as morale boosters for army troops fighting in the Civil War.
  2. While egg-shaped jelly beans seem like a natural for Easter basket fillers, it wasn’t until the     b    , when jelly beans became a permanent part of the Easter tradition.
  3. In the      c     , a revolution in jelly bean varieties exploded with the introduction of the      d     (jelly beans made with real fruit juices).
  4. Even President      e     was known for his love of Jelly Belly jelly beans, as he always kept a jar of the sweet treats on his desk in the Oval Office. His favorite flavor was      f     .
  5. Reagan later became responsible for launching the very first jelly beans launched into space was sent a jar to the     g     in as a surprise for the astronauts!
  6. Today, jelly beans are more popular than ever and are produced at a mind-boggling amount of      h    billion a year.
  7. Still the most popular color of jelly bean among American kids is      i    .