Mr. Wiltshire’s 2nd Grade Class Visits ZB Kids

Posted by Mr. Mitch

On Thursday, March 8th, Mr. Wiltshire took his class of 24 second grade students from West Elementary in Zion to visit us here at ZBKids. We had a great day for them planned, which started with them being split up into two groups, both of which would do activities with Mr. Mitch and Miss Garnet.

The first group came with me into our programming room, where Mr. Mitch read them the story Let’s Meet a Librarian by Gina Bellisario. Let’s Meet a Librarian tells the story of a librarian named Mr. Field who guides his class around the library. We learned about how to use the catalog, what sections the books are located in, proper library behavior, and most importantly, talked about the Zion-Benton Public Library. Some of Mr. Wiltshire’s students have visited us before, but some of them haven’t, so we wanted to make them all feel like this was their first time here. It was great to talk about the library and hopefully we inspired more life-long library users from Mr. Wiltshire’s class!

After we read the story, we did a little craft. The kids were instructed to draw what the library looks like to them. They were very creative as most kids drew the inside of the library (including our program room!), but some went outside the box and created what the library looked from the outside. It was great to get their creative juices flowing and see what appeared on the their papers.

Outside of the program room, Miss Garnet was taking the other half of the class on a tour of the Youth Services Department. She showed them the different areas of our department, including the computer area, story time castle, J fiction, and our vast non-fiction section. She then let the kids have some free time where they could pick the activity they wanted to do. The kids were allowed to go on the computers, do some STEM building activities, free read, or go play with some of our toys in the story time castle area. Seeing the kids all spread out through the section enjoying themselves was a nice sight to see.

Mr. Wiltshire’s class had a great time in the library today and we can’t wait to welcome them back. We are always open to having classes come visit us. It is our goal here in the youth services department to inspire our youngest patrons and provide a safe space for life-long learning. To set up a time for your class to visit us you can email Garnet Miller at

Some pictures of Mr. Wiltshire’s class enjoying our space:

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