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Teen and Parent By Appointment: 3D Printing/Laser Cutting

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The Sandbox is reopening by appointment only on select days. You and your family can reserve the space to learn 3D printing or laser cutting.

The 3D Printer is a machine that uses plastic to build or “print” three-dimensional objects that you design on our computers. (We used the 3D printer to create the Among Us crewmates pictured).
The Laser Cutter is a machine that uses a laser to cut or engrave various materials, such as wood, acrylic and more! (We used the Laser Cutter to create the hashtag keychains pictured).

We offer simple project tutorials for first-time designers and more challenging ones for people who have used our machines before.

Your group must include at least one teen entering 6th-12th grade.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, one family at a time and a maximum of four people can be in The Sandbox at once. All participants in the Sandbox must be ten years or older.
Teens may come to The Sandbox without an adult, but parents or siblings are encouraged to participate and keep the teen company.
You must wear face coverings at all times while in the library.
The ability to follow written instructions is required. A staff member will be available to answer questions, but hands-on assistance will be minimal.
Register now and reserve your spot!

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