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Meet the Author: Aaron Spivey

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Join us December 1st and have the chance to meet author Aaron Spivey! Born in Zion, Aaron graduated from Zion-Benton Township High School in 2008. His first book, “The Red Starfighter” was recently released on Apple Books, Amazon, and Kindle.

“I always was extremely creative growing up, building proton packs from “Ghostbusters”, drawing, guitar playing, and writing. Writing was the best way I could show my art and tell the neat fantasy stories I write about.” -Aaron Spivey

The Red Starfighter 

It was a dark time for mankind… After a great battle in space, ​McCoy crash lands on the enemy planet to find himself caught in the middle of a cosmic struggle to put a stop to the Mad King from enslaving Planet Zeth inhabitants. McCoy finds himself teaming up with a woman named Veronica to embark on an epic journey of revenge and romance to free the colonized terraformed Planet Zeth.

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