American Girl Doll Lending Program FAQ’s

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ZBPL is now lending American Girl doll kits to provide an engaging learning experience for children in our community. Children will get the opportunity to take home and play with the beloved dolls. Children will learn about the characters and their place in fictional American history by reading the books. Children will also contribute to an ongoing story while improving their writing skills by recording the adventures they had with the doll; reading other children’s stories will serve as inspiration and guidance.  

Available to borrow:

Click here to place a hold on any of the American Girl Doll Kits.



We also have dolls for in-library use!



What do I need to borrow a doll?

A current ZBPL library card in good standing and an adult.

Can I borrow a doll if I have a library card from a different library?

No, only ZBPL card holders can check out the doll kits.

How do I borrow a doll kit?

To borrow a doll kit, a responsible adult must complete the sign-out form at the Youth Services reference desk. YS staff will go over the American Girl Doll Check-out Form with the library member borrowing the doll to show them everything that is in the kit. (The YS staff member will point out the items that are missing from the kit if that is the case.)

How do I return the doll?

To return the doll kit, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Youth Services reference desk. YS staff will go over the American Girl Doll Check-In Form with the library member to ensure that everything that was borrowed is returned.

Can I return the doll kit through the book drop?

No. To return the doll, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Youth Services reference desk.

Can I return the doll kit at the lobby’s circulation desk?

No. To return the doll, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Youth Services reference desk.

Why do I have to return the doll kit at the Youth Services Desk?

The sign-in and sign-out forms must be completed so that all of the kit’s items are accounted for.

What will happen if one or more items are not returned with the kit?

If an item(s) is missing or damaged, this will be noted on the Check-In Form. You are responsible for the cost of any pieces are that need to be replaced.  

What are the costs for replacement?

  • Doll: $140
  • Book: $10
  • Clothes & Accessories: $30
  • Journal Notebook: $5
  • Carrying case: $50
  • Total cost: $235

How are the replacement costs determined?

The costs are determined by the amount needed to acquire and process replacements.

Can I put a hold on a doll?

Yes. You can check the availability of a doll and put holds on through our online catalog or calling the Youth Services department. (847) 872-4680 x5

Can I check out more than one doll at once?

No. Only one doll can be check out per library card at one time. This gives the opportunity for many children to enjoy the dolls.

How long can I have the doll for?

Two weeks.

Can I renew the kit to have it for longer?


Is there a late fee for kits returned after the due date?

Yes, there is a $1/day late fee.

What if I don’t have a library card?

Library cards are free and can be acquired at the Library’s front circulation desk. To apply for a card, children will need a parent or guardian to accompany them at sign up.

What if my library card is not in good standing?

Library cards must be in good standing to borrow a doll. You can learn about your card’s account at the Library’s front circulation desk.

What if I cannot borrow a kit?

If you are unable to borrow a doll, you can play with one of the in-house doll kits if they are available.


Are there age limits for the doll kits?

The kits are geared toward children ages 6 and up. The kits include reading and writing components and the dolls prefer to be handled gently. As a safety measure, because of small pieces, the dolls are not for children under 6 years old.  

What is included in the AG kits?

The kits include a doll, book, notebook, bed & bedding, and a second outfit.

What is the notebook for?

The notebook is included so that you record the adventures you went on with your doll.

Which dolls are available for check out?

Addy, Elizabeth, Josefina, Melody, Molly, and Samantha are available for check out. Place a hold on any of the kits here

Which dolls are available to use in the library?

Currently, we have two dolls available for use at the library; Gabriela and Lea.

Doll Care

  • Please handle the doll with care so others may enjoy her too!
  • Use only a wire wig hairbrush. Do not use a comb or plastic-bristle brush.
  • Take time to gently work out each tangle.
  • Brush in small sections; do not pull hair too hard. For best results, lightly mist hair with water, making sure to avoid the eyes.
  • Do not use a curling iron or hair dryer.
  • Do not cut or shampoo the doll’s hair. (The hair can get frizzy and damaged.)
  • Only if necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe the doll’s hard surfaces (face, neck, arms, legs)
  • Do not place the doll in water.
  • Avoid getting water in your doll’s eyes.
  • Do not wash the doll or her clothes. Cleaning the dolls and their clothes will be done by Library staff upon their return to the Library.


What if I have an American Girl doll, clothing, and/or accessories I would like to donate?

We welcome donations of historic new or used American Girl Dolls, clothing and accessories; including historic characters that can no longer be purchased. Donations can be dropped off at the Youth Services desk.

What if I have a doll, clothing and/or accessories I would like to donate that are NOT the American Girl brand?

We do not accept non-American Girl brand dolls, but we will accept any clothing that will fit 18 inch dolls.