Book A Pro


Need extra help? Book a Pro!
Book a Pro is a free service for ZB Library cardholders in good standing. Cardholders may book up to two sessions per month, with each session lasting 30-60 minutes. Reservations must be made at least three business days in advance and are dependent upon staff availability. Book a Pro sessions are designed to assist cardholders with using library resources and services.

Book A Pro Sessions

Computer Basics
We can show you the basic components and functions of a computer, explain how to make the most of your operating system, and introduce you to Windows 10. Please specify if you plan to bring your own laptop.
Click here for Computer Basics class materials.

We’ll show you the basics of how to use a mouse and keyboard, give you practice exercises, and give you additional information for improving your skills.

Intro to Email
Learn how to set up and manage an email account using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.
*Basic computer skills required.
Click here for Intro to Gmail class materials.

Internet Basics        
We will show you web site basics, including URLs, navigation buttons, and browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
*Basic computer skills required.
Click here for Internet Basics class materials.

Download This! (eContent)           
Bring your device and we’ll walk you through downloading an app, creating and account, and checking out an eAudiobook, eBook, or eMagazine.
Click here for Feed Your eReader class materials.
Click here for the Free Music guide. (PDF)

Device Advice
We can help you figure out how to use your phone, tablet, digital camera, GPS and more! Bring your device and we’ll walk through the set up process together, help you create an account (if needed) and get to know your settings.

Find It!         
Discover how to find exactly what you need from the library’s website, catalog, and eResources.
*Basic computer skills required.

Online Security        
Learn how to avoid email scams, discover programs and add-ons for secure browsing, and explore anti-virus programs.
Click here for Tech Kwon Do class materials.

MS Office     
Get specialized help with Word, Excel, Publisher, or PowerPoint.
*Basic computer skills required.
Click here for MS Word class materials.

Resume Resources 
We’ll introduce you to FREE library resources for creating an outstanding resume and connect you with community organizations that offer free help.
*Basic computer skills required.
Click here for Resume Resources.

Student Resources
We’ll show you how to use the library’s FREE online tutoring service, upload papers to the writing lab, access practice exams and skills-building programs, and search for scholarships, college information, and more!
*Basic computer skills required.