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LOG IN (with your ZB Library card number and password*) then click on MY ACCOUNT to access your personal information. Click here for Enterprise and click on My Account.

* The default password is patron.

The information bar on the right side of your screen shows:

  • Your Status
  •  Your Checkouts (Digital and Library)
  • Your Holds (Digital and Library)
  • Your Fines

You can click on Checkouts, Holds or Fines to see more information.


The first section shows your information. You cannot change this information. Please contact the library if you need to update or change this information.

You can expand the bottom areas to:

  • Change your password.
  • Set your preferences (language, tab, lists, etc.) You can opt to SHOW MY CHECKOUT HISTORY and RECORD MY CHECKOUT HISTORY. Your checkouts will be stored for two years. Click UPDATE.


The top area (collapsed) will show your Digital Checkouts, the format, and the expiration date.

The bottom area (expanded) will show your Library Checkouts. Your Total Items Checked Out and Items Overdue are shown at the top. Here you can sort by Title/Author, Times Renewed, and Expiration Date. To renew an item or items, click the box next to it and then click RENEW.


This area shows the Items on Hold and Items Ready for Pickup. The items are listed with the “Pickup By: [date].” If items are not available to pick up, you can do the following by click the box next to the item, then selecting on of these options:

  • Cancel a Hold – completely delete your hold.
  • Suspend a Hold – use this if you are going on vacation. The item will stay in your account, but you will be bypassed in the queue so that you won’t miss your turn for the item.
  • Cancel a Hold Suspension – use this when you return from vacation to reinstate your hold status and you will not lose your place in the queue.


You can only pay fines (if you have any) while you are in the Fines area. This area will show your Payment History and the total amount you’ve paid in fines. If you owe fines, click on the Pay It Now button to enter your credit card information and make a payment.


Click on MY LISTS at the top of the page to organize catalog items into personal lists. These lists are private and cannot be shared.

Click on the +Notebook icon on the left side under LISTS to create a list.  Click on the –Notebook icon to delete a list.

You can “Select an Action” and delete selected lists, email lists, text a list, print a list, move a list or copy a list.

To add items to your list, search the catalog and bring up the item details. Click on Select an Action and Add to My Lists. Select the list you want it to go to. You can set a default list if you wish.

If an item is already on one of your lists, you won’t be able to add it to another list. You have to go into My Lists and copy the item from one list to another.

To move items from one list to another (for example from your To Read list to your Read list), click on your list in the left area to show the items on that list. Click the box next to the item and Select an Action – Move. Select the list you want to move it to and select MOVE.

To copy an item to another list, select the list in the left area to show the items on that list. Select the item you wish to copy and then Select an Action – Copy. Select the list you want to move it to and select COPY.