Collection Boxes

The library can serve as a collection point for community organizations that are soliciting donations. As a rule, only one organization at a time may have a collection box and the length of the collection may not be more than 30 days.

Organizations that want to place collection boxes at the library must apply in writing to the Library Director. The application must indicate the following:

  • Name of organization
  • Purpose of organization
  • Local contact person (name, address, telephone, e-mail)
  • Purpose of collection
  • Type of item being collected
  • Dates of collection

The organization must agree that:

  • The library is not responsible for the security of the collection box other than general surveillance. Organization personnel are responsible for checking the box and emptying it.
  • The library will determine the location of the collection box.
  • The organization may state that the library is a collection point but the organization may not imply that the library is sponsoring or endorsing the project.
  • Collection boxes and their contents not picked up within five working days after the project ends will become the property of the library.

The library reserves the right to determine whether an organization’s purpose and the type of collection are acceptable. The Library Director or a designated staff member will approve the application.

Adopted 11/27/07