Continuing Education

Library employees must complete the required hours of continuing education (CE) to be eligible for a pay increase.

To count towards the CE requirement, activities must expand an employee’s skill set, be relevant to the employee’s job, and be approved by the supervisor. Activities may be off-site, onsite (a training session or staff in-service), or online. Proof of attendance or completion may be required. A written report of a class, seminar, or meeting may be required. Expenses will be reimbursed to the amount permitted by the budget.

Committee and organization work may count toward the CE requirement, but it must be approved in advance by the supervisor and director. This work may be for a library organization or for a community organization where the library is an identified partner (e.g. Coalition for Healthy Communities) and the employee is a designated representative. The supervisor must approve each event/meeting/course in advance to ensure that 1) it qualifies for CE, 2) work release time will be granted, and 3) associated costs will be reimbursed.

The minimum CE hours for full-time employees:

  • Department Heads: 40 hours per year
  • Librarians, Supervisors, and Associates: 20 hours per year
  • Assistants and Monitors: 12 hours per year

These hours are pro-rated for part-time employees; e.g., a part time employee who works 10 hours per week should attend at least 2 hours of continuing education per year to fulfill the requirement.

Approved 7/28/05; Revised 2/23/16