Patron Suspension Disciplinary

The Zion-Benton Public Library may enact regulations to insure the safety of all library staff and patrons, protect the usefulness of the materials collection, and maintain order in the library.

Grounds For Suspension

A person shall be in violation of district policy when he or she violates any posted rule, regulation, policy, or ordinance, or continues to violate any non-posted rule, regulation, policy, or ordinance after receiving a warning by an employee.
Authority To Suspend

Employees are authorized to suspend patrons from the property for the remainder of the day for a minor infraction of any rule, regulation, policy or ordinance. Should the patron refuse to leave the property or return that same day, he/she will be issued a formal suspension.

Security Monitors, the Person In Charge, the Assistant Director, and the Director may issue a formal suspension for a serious infraction of any rule, regulation, policy or ordinance.

Term Of Suspension

  • First Offense: 1 months
  • Second Offense: 6 months
  • Third Offense: 1 year

Right To Appeal

Suspended patrons, or the responsible adult listed on their account, may appeal a suspension by submitting a written appeal to the Library Director within thirty days of the date of suspension. The Library Board will hear the appeal at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.


Adopted 01/25/11; Revised 2/23/16

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