Reference service is available to all persons served by the library regardless of age, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, social or economic status, or residency. Reference service are available for all forms of requests, including in-person, telephone, mail, electronic methods, etc.

Reference service includes, but is not limited to:

  • finding specific information or materials
  • navigating the library catalog
  • providing basic instructions for use of library computers and software
  • introducing use of digital resources
  • assisting with use of library equipment
  • providing information needed for school assignments, consumer information, etc.
  • checking availability of materials at other area libraries.

Library staff will determine the best resource(s) to use to meet the patron’s information and/or service request.

Staff members do not offer personal opinion, advice, or interpretation as fact when providing reference service. The Library assumes no responsibility for damages caused or for decisions made from information gathered or obtained at the Library.

As information professionals, staff members are not able to:

  • provide medical, legal, copyright, financial, or tax advice
  • recommend individual practitioners, such as physicians or attorneys
  • appraise property, including collectibles
  • provide editorial or translation services
  • give career counseling advice
  • provide in-depth genealogical, patent, trademark or other research
  • handle confidential information such as social security numbers, bank and credit card account information, or medical information

Staff members will not:

  • assist with illegal or unethical activities
  • provide tutorial service
  • do student’s homework
  • answer puzzle, trivia, or contest questions
  • type documents or complete online forms

The level of research assistance provided and response to the number of requests from an individual will depend on the:

  • availability of staff
  • staff and patron’s knowledge of the subject
  • volume of other requests
  • depth of the collection
  • complexity of the question
  • time frame in which the information is needed

Requests may require follow up at a later time and may require the patron’s participation in the information search with staff providing guidance.

When the nature of the request is beyond the scope of the Library’s reference service, the patron may make an appointment with a specially trained staff member or be referred to a different organization or agency for personal assistance.

Library staff will proctor exams by appointment. The ability to proctor exams will depend on the availability of staff, space, and necessary equipment. The patron is responsible for providing all information needed prior to the appointment.

Adopted 11/24/2015