Search Warrant

Library staff will cooperate with law enforcement officials to allow access to items within the scope of the search warrant while at the same time seeking to protect the rights of patrons in accordance with the Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70/1-2).

Designated Library Individual
The Library Director will handle all requests to search library records pursuant to a search warrant. In the absence of the director the individuals holding the following staff positions will deal with a search warrant issue:

  • Assistant Director.
  • Department Coordinator.
  • Designated Person-in-Charge.

Identify Serving Officer
The Library Director will request identification from the law enforcement officials and record their names, badge numbers, and agencies.

Review Warrant For Content
The Library Director will review the search warrant when served and will contact the library attorney for consultation concerning the scope of the warrant and compliance procedures.

The library attorney is Roger A. Ritzman. Office phone: 630-665-1900; home phone 630-668-6476.

Request The Presence Of The Library Attorney
The Library Director will ask the law enforcement officials to wait until the library attorney is present before beginning the search.

Cooperate With Officials
The Library Director will cooperate with law enforcement officials to help identify the records/evidence falling within the scope of the search warrant.

No Access To Other Records
The Library Director will not permit access to records beyond the scope of the search warrant, i.e., records not specifically identified in the search warrant.

Record Evidence Viewed Or Taken
The Library Director will record all records of evidence viewed, copied, or removed from the library pursuant to the search.

No Disclosure Of The Search
No person will disclose the receipt of the search warrant or the search to anyone except the Library Director and the library attorney.

Provide This Policy
To assist law enforcement officials a copy of this search warrant policy will be provided promptly to officials upon arrival at the library.  A copy of the Privacy Policy Card will also be provided to officials upon arrival at the library.

The Library Director or designated staff member will complete the Privacy Information Report. The file will be in the Library Director’s office.

Adopted 04/22/03