This policy pertains to library employees for work-related continuing education, meetings, and conference participation, and to library trustees for library-related training, meetings, and conferences.

Local Meetings
The employee/trustee will be reimbursed for motor vehicle travel at the prevailing IRS mileage rate not to exceed the normal mileage between the library and the event location. Employees/trustees are expected to carpool. Parking, tolls and public transportation fares will be reimbursed. Employees will be paid for travel and meeting time. Employees will receive CE credit for meeting/training time.

Meetings Requiring Travel
When traveling to another city, travel will be arranged through the administrative office. Employees/trustees are expected to travel as a group. If an employee/Trustee chooses not to travel with the group, he/she must obtain approval from the Director for an alternate method of transportation and may be responsible for additional expenses.

Employees/trustees are expected to share rooms. If an employee/trustee chooses not to share a room, he/she may be responsible for expenses above a shared room rate.

Employees/trustees should use public transportation or share transportation with others, when possible. Taxicabs should be used sparingly and shared.

Employees/trustees will be reimbursed for meal costs at the annual per diem rate.

Advance Per Diem Checks
Employees/trustees may request a per diem advance in writing to the Director. The employee/trustee must submit all receipts.

Miscellaneous Expenses
Employees/trustees will be reimbursed for tips, baggage checking fees, etc. Special conference events, such as meal functions or tours, must be approved in advance by the Library Director to be eligible for reimbursement. The library will not pay for airline upgrades, alcoholic beverages, internet access, or personal telephone calls. The library will not pay for other expenses determined by the Director to be excessive or unreasonable.

Employees/trustees will be reimbursed for the cost of shipping conference items to the library at the regular (ground) shipping rate.

Employees/trustees must submit a fully and accurately completed Request for Reimbursement form with all receipts within 30 days of travel.

Work Time
Employees will be paid 9.5 hours for each full conference day and will be paid for work/travel time on other days. Employees will be awarded 7.5 hours of CE credit for each full conference day and the number of hours actually spent in training for other days.

Adopted 03/26/13

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