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03/27/07 Minutes

March 27, 2007

President Thomas Rich called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Present: Mr. Andersson, Mrs. Mull, Ms. Ower, Mr. Rich, * Mrs. Smith, Mr. Townsend
Absent: Mrs. Taylor
Also present were the following: Nann Blaine Hilyard, Director; Tara Caldara, Administrative Services Coordinator; Carol Cramer, Youth Services Coordinator; and Rosemary Kauth, Circulation and Technical Services Coordinator.

AGENDA: The agenda was presented.
MOTION: Ms. Ower moved to adopt the agenda as presented.
Second: Mr. Townsend.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

COMMENTS BY VISITORS: There were no visitor comments.

MINUTES: The minutes of the February 27, 2007, regular meeting were presented.
MOTION: Mr. Andersson moved to approve the minutes of the February 27, 2007, regular meeting as presented.
Second: Ms. Ower.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s Report dated February 28, 2007, was presented. Ms. Ower asked about “Other Expenditures” on page A3. Ms. Caldara explained what they were, and Ms. Hilyard stated that they were listed on page B5.

* Mrs. Smith entered at 6:33 p.m.

BILLS: The bills for March were presented. Director Hilyard explained the bill-paying process and encouraged Trustees to ask about payees.
MOTION: Mrs. Smith moved to approve payment via wire transfer and checks #30917 through #30975, with check #30918 being void, in the amount of $148,306.30.
Second: Mr. Andersson.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Smith, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

Investments: There were no upcoming investment activities. Ms. Caldara reported that there was an error in the January Treasurer’s report that indicated a $500,000 repurchase agreement was due on 3/12/07, and the Board moved to roll it over for 60 days. It is actually due on 6/12/07, so the action was not taken.

REPORTS: There was no Finance Committee report. Ms. Hilyard noted that the Tax Extension information was received from the County Clerk’s office. There was no Executive Committee or Friends of the Library report.

Ms. Ower, NSLS Representative, reported that the NSLS Board approved a delivery policy change to discontinue delivery of items that can be sent via U.S. Mail (e.g. library newsletters, flyers, correspondence). Van deliveries have increased by 105% over the past 5 years and NSLS has run out of garage space. Ms. Ower also reported on a Parliamentary Procedures workshop at NSLS on 5/14/07 from 4-7 p.m.

Ms. Hilyard reported on Referendum efforts. She and several trustees have had speaking engagements at local organizations, and have been well-received. She presented a letter to the editor of the News-Sun, to which she responded directly to the writer, and the editor. She displayed brochures, informational handouts, and yard signs.

LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Ms. Hilyard presented the statistical and narrative reports for February. Mr. Andersson asked why Doc Finch resigned as President of the Friends. Mrs. Smith explained that he had accepted the position on a short-term basis. Mr. Andersson also commented about incidents, stating that it seems difficult to positively identify patrons who are behavior problems. He asked about requiring ID or a library card to enter the building. Ms. Hilyard explained that someone would need to be posted at the front door during all hours of operation and that such a requirement would deny access to some users and conflict with the library’s mission. Mrs. Mull asked to see video of behavior incidents in the past month, which Ms. Caldara showed.

COMMUNICATIONS: The following communications were presented:

– A response to an inquiry from a student who wanted to know if he could use his ZBTHS ID instead of a library card.
– A response to a patron’s offer to donate a magazine subscription.
– Notice from the Illinois State Library that ZBPLD’s FY2007 Per Capita Grant is $29,583.56.
– A response to a letter to the editor in the News-Sun.
– A letter from CCS encouraging all member libraries to send representatives to the Governing Board meetings. (This is not an issue for ZBPLD.)
– A response to a comment from a patron, who stated that Sara, Tim, and Angela are helpful, patient, and do a good job.
– Suspension notices for Jordan Hester, William Woodard, Mykel Erickson, and Michael Lindsey.

IX. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ms. Hilyard presented information about Employee Background Checks and the attorney’s revision of the proposed policy.
MOTION: Ms. Ower moved to adopt the attorney’s version of the Employee Background Checks Policy.
Second: Mrs. Smith.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Smith, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

X. NEW BUSINESS: Mrs. Mull asked about a book in the Youth Department about George Washington Carver. She explained that she felt the book was outdated and contained derogatory language. Ms. Hilyard explained that the procedure is to complete the “Statement of Concern About Library Materials.” She will appoint a review committee (in this case, from the Youth Services staff). They will consider both the Statement and the book, then make a recommendation to the director.

Ms. Hilyard reported that election regulations have changed. This year the Trustees, as the governing board, do not have to canvass election results. She also reported that Mrs. Mull has worked with Sen. Michael Bond’s staff to schedule a Town Hall meeting at the library at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 13, 2007.

HB1727, “Mandatory Internet Filters on All Public and School Library Computers,” was passed by the Judiciary I/Civil Law Committee. Rep. JoAnn Osmond voted in favor of the bill. Ms. Hilyard has arranged a meeting with Rep. Osmond and the library directors in this house district to talk about Rep. Osmond’s vote and other bills in this session.

Ms. Ower presented a Resolution to Oppose HB 1727 adopted by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Trustees felt strongly that the ZBPLD needed to formally oppose HB 1727 and adopt a similar resolution.
MOTION: Mrs. Smith moved to adopt Resolution Res 0607-2, opposing HB 1727.
Second: Mrs. Mull.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Smith, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

MOTION: Ms. Mull moved to adjourn the meeting.
Second: Ms. Ower.
Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Ower, Smith, Townsend, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

Approved: April 24, 2007

Thomas Rich, President
George Andersson, Secretary

Recording Secretary: T. Caldara

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