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Britannica Library – Use this database encyclopedia to look up people, places, and things to get valid information on many subjects. Two youth reading levels are offered on each page along with the general adult level. Library card required.

National Geographic – Find out information about animals and more from this trusted publication.

Smithsonian History – Search American history through the Smithsonian Museum to explore digital artifacts, exhibits, and resources.

NewsPaperArchive Illinois – Use this database to search for and discover historical newspaper articles from newspapers across Illinois.

Educator Resources:

BrainFuse HelpNow – View lessons, videos, take practice tests (SkillSurfer) and do virtual worksheets and flashcards (Flashbulb). Library card required.

Khan Academy – Lessons, videos, worksheets, and quizzes for all subjects K-12

Smithsonian – A wealth of resources and digital tools support inquiry-based learning and active engagement to spark creativity and curiosity.

National Geographic – A Resource Library that offers high-quality, standards-based, educational resources and activities. Many of their free maps, lesson plans, imagery, interactives, and reference materials have been curated into collections grounded in the bold and transformative approach that National Geographic takes around science, exploration and storytelling.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources – Lessons, worksheets, and more from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Crayola – Art lesson plans

Education.com – Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids

Worksheet.com – Free printable worksheets

IL’s Homeschooling Page – Illinois State Board of Education’s homeschooling page- addresses the laws and provides links to resources

Regional Office of Education for Lake County Homeschooling

Learning Games & Activities:

DK Findout!


Crayola Coloring Pages

Typing Games

Games for the Brain

PBS Kids

Sesame Street

National Geographic Kids


Learning English

Other Popular Games Websites:

American Girl

Cartoon Network


Nick Jr.