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03/30/10 Minutes

March 30, 2010

President Tom Rich called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present: George Andersson, Brenda Harris, Dana McCarthy, Tom Rich, Stephanie Smith. Absent: Lauren Fleming and Beverly Mull.  Staff present: Tara Caldara, Carol Cramer, Nann Blaine Hilyard, Rosemary Kauth.

AGENDA: Mr. Rich presented the agenda. Motion: Mrs. Smith moved to adopt the amended agenda. Second: Mrs. Harris. Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Harris, McCarthy, Smith, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

COMMENTS BY VISITORS: There were no visitor comments.

MINUTES: The minutes of the February 23, 2010, meeting were presented.  Mr. Andersson noted that his name was incorrectly listed in the roll calls on all motions. Motion: Mr. McCarthy moved to approve minutes from the February 23, 2010 meeting as corrected. Second: Mrs. Smith. Roll Call: Aye: Harris, McCarthy, Smith, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: Andersson. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer’s report dated February 28, 2010, was presented.  Ms. Hilyard reported that she is still waiting for the property values from the Chief Assessor’s office.

BILLS: The bills for February were presented. Motion: Mrs. Harris moved to approve payment of checks #33757-33842, with check #33777 being void, in the amount of $173,629.41. Second: Mr. McCarthy. Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Harris, McCarthy, Smith, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

INVESTMENTS: There were no investments.


Ms. Hilyard reported that the Friends will meet on April 10, 2010.

There were no NSLS or After School Program reports.

LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Ms. Hilyard presented the statistical, narrative, and incident reports for February and early March.  She reported on the follow-up to the defaced poster incident.   Mr. Jones reviewed the video but the poster was out of camera range and he did not note any suspicious behavior near the poster.  Ms. Hilyard e-mailed Mrs. Mull on March 9 with that information,  which she could see on request, and offering to replace the poster.  Ms. Cramer and Ms. Hilyard met with Scott Fairbanks about the youth reference desk and the remodeling project is progressing.

Accentuate the Positive: Ms. Kauth reported that the telephone system upgrade went well and that staff received training and that shelvers, circulation staff and technical services staff are answering the phones.  Ms. Hilyard reported that the Geek the Library campaign has been well received.  GTL presentations have been at local banks (by Mrs. Kaplan), at Stone Creek Grill (by Ms. Hilyard, Mrs. Smith, the Anderssons, and Sara Torrez), at the Winthrop Harbor School Board meeting (by Ms. Hilyard) and the Kiwanis meeting (by Ms. Caldara).

COMMUNICATIONS: There were no communications.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ms. Hilyard presented information about exterior security cameras.  In 2007, the upgrade to 16 additional cameras cost $20,500.  Ms. Caldara has requested a quote for additional cameras (not received as of the meeting day).   Ms. Caldara said that the monitors have been reminded to check outside the windows while patrolling the library.

NEW BUSINESS: Trustees discussed how they would like to be contacted by the public.  Ms. Hilyard presented information from other NSLS libraries.   The ZBPL trustees agreed that they prefer e-mail contact or letters addressed in care of the library.  They directed Ms. Caldara to include their library e-mail addresses on the website.


Motion: Mrs. Smith moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second: Mrs. Harris. Roll Call: Aye: Andersson, Harris, McCarthy, Smith, Rich. Nay: -0- Abstain: -0- Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

Approved April 27, 2010

Signed: Thomas Rich, President
Attest: Brenda Harris, Secretary

Recording Secretary: Tara Caldara

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