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November 24, 2015

President St. Cyr called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Trustees: Present: Wendy Driver; Jacqueline Holmes; Mary Martin; Amy Onan; Dale Ridder; and Matthew St. Cyr. Absent: Beverly Mull
Staff: Ryleigh Busch; Tara Caldara; Carol Dolin; Sarah Washkoviak
Visitors: Larry Cain, Milburn and Cain representative


The agenda was presented.
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to adopt the agenda with the annual financial audit moved to the beginning. Second: Onan. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, Ridder, St. Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

COMMENTS BY VISITORS:  Larry Cain from the firm Milburn and Cain presented the annual financial audit and answered questions. Mr. Ridder questioned the 7.5% return on IMRF investments. Mr. Cain explained that the IMRF actuaries provide that number, which can cause the unfunded liability to swing dramatically depending on the actual return. This does not affect only the ZB Library’s pension and historically IMRF does a good job of estimating returns. GASB 68 and GASB 71 require all public entities to show pension liabilities. Trustees had no other questions about the Annual Financial Audit.

The minutes of the October 27, 2015 Regular Board Meeting were presented.
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to approve minutes from the October 27, 2015 Regular Board
Meeting as presented. Second: Holmes. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Onan, Ridder. Nay: None. Abstain: Martin, St. Cyr. Motion Carried.

The Treasurer’s and Investment reports were presented. We are currently 1/3 of the way through the fiscal year. There was a question about the likelihood of receiving the Per Capita Grant, and Mrs. Dolin explained that it seems highly  unlikely, which is why we have not spent from that budget. A question was brought up about the Craft Fair year to date amount as well. Mrs. Busch explained that revenue is likely recorded in the fax budget due to the set-up of the cash register. The audit will be billed next month.

The list of bills for October-November 2015 was presented for approval.
Motion:  ­­­­Mr. Ridder moved to approve payment of wire transfers and checks #40196-40279, in the amount of $133, 765.15. Second: Driver. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, Ridder, St.  Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

Strategic Planning Task Force: Only one person attended each focus group meeting. One gave input about the poor lighting over the used books, the need for more comfortable seating in the lobby, and a dress code to address low hanging pants. The other person gave very positive feedback about the events, programs, resources, staff interaction, and book clubs. This person voiced the need for Sunday and Friday hours, programs for adult retirees, and home delivery. She also offered the ideas of seasonal hours, and volunteers running programs and helping with home deliveries. The next develop the plan with goals to present in January. The Strategic Planning Task Force will meet on Tuesday, December 8, at 6:30 p.m. at the library.

Mrs. Dolin presented the statistical, narrative and incident reports for October and November 2015.  The use of notary service, movies, self-check, adult services group study room, and homebound services have all increased, as has the amount of time given by short-term volunteers. One of the self-check outs was moved to youth services. The volume of homebound service has expanded beyond the capabilities of Mrs. Herrera. Ms. Austin assisted her for the November visits. Mrs. Caldara explained that the amount of laptop usage and adult services computer usage was abnormally low due to the public Wi-Fi connection issues, causing people who usually check out laptops to use the desktops. Tech Help has been very busy, and is expected to get even busier with “book a pro.” Beginning in January, the eServices Department will offer classes and drop in sessions to help people with various tech topics. Mrs. Washkoviak reported that Mrs. Cain has been turned away when she arrives at A Safe Place due to scheduling conflicts and aberrant needs. Having another person go with her might be beneficial.



  • There has been great teamwork with the staff as they work on various projects, events and programs.
  • Hogwarts Christmas is anticipated to have a great turnout. People are already asking for maps.
  • The spelling bee was fun-regardless of the outcome. We will spell a different word each meeting to prepare for next year. Ms. Martin offered benediction as our first word of the month, explaining how it relates to the Thanksgiving holiday. Ms. Holmes will bring the word with the definition for the January meeting.
  • The Halloween party was a lot of fun and had a great turnout.

Mrs. Driver summarized the Short Takes for Trustees video, Board Meetings. She explained the need for a quorum, which requires at least four trustees present to hold a meeting. Also required are opportunities for trustees and the public to voice questions, comments, and concerns. Proper voting includes a motion, second, followed by voting. The agenda must be posted at least 48 hours in advance and trustees should read it in advance so everybody comes prepared. An hour is the average amount of time a board meeting should take. Ms. Martin volunteered to summarize Board Ethics for the January meeting.



Fund Balance Policy
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to approve the fund balance policy. Second: St. Cyr. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, St. Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: Ridder. Motion Carried.

Reference Policy
Mr. St. Cyr asked if we have a reference policy in place. Mrs. Dolin said no and explained that staff members have general guidelines they follow, but they are inconsistently applied. The policy will provide structure and procedures will be developed to help the policy to be fairly and consistently followed. The reference staff is developing a list of topics so the staff and public will know what the library services are and where to refer people for expertise the library staff cannot provide.
Motion: Mrs. Driver moved to approve the reference policy as presented. Second: Martin. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, Ridder, St. Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

Annual Financial Audit
Motion: Mr. Ridder moved to approve the annual financial audit. Second: Martin. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, Ridder, St. Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

Motion:  Mrs. Driver moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second: St. Cyr. Roll Call: Aye: Driver, Holmes, Martin, Onan, Ridder, St. Cyr. Nay: None. Abstain: None. Motion Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

Approved: January 26, 2016

Signed:  /s/ Matthew St. Cyr, President
Attest: /s/ Mary E. Martin,  Secretary

Recording Secretary: Ryleigh Bush/ Carol Dolin

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