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Amy Onan

Amy Onan, Vice President

      1. Elected 4/7/15 to an unexpired 6-year term.
      1. Term expires 4/30/21.
      1. Committees: Executive, Diversity and Inclusion

Amy Onan is a dedicated, energetic, creative and self-motivated person. Although she has lived in Zion for only six years she has been a lifetime resident of Lake County and engages in volunteer opportunities as much as possible. She and her husband, Bob, who has two beautiful daughters and a son invested in a historical property nine years ago.

Amy has a passion for community, especially youth, English language and First Generation students while serving as a Trustee for the Zion-Benton Public Library Board. Her professional background has a blend of skills ranging from youth advocate, adult higher education, government, social services, to community outreach that focuses on youth. Amy would like to be a part of building more partnerships with the community and its business’s to increase the libraries already vast range of programming.

Some of her hobbies include motorcycle adventures that explore the Midwest, antiquing, learning and maintaining her gardens as well as animal rescue. Amy also spends time researching and helping her husband with the restoration of their home.