News Media Relations

The aim of positive media relations is to cooperate with the media by providing accurate, timely, and positive messages about the Zion-Benton Public Library. By coordinating the message and being prepared, the news media can serve the library by conveying the message to a larger audience.

The library will establish and maintain relationships with print, broadcast, and internet media. While all staff members and trustees represent the library to the community, the Board President and the Library Director or a qualified designee will serve as contact persons and will respond to media requests for information and interviews

Individual library trustees may not speak to the public or media on behalf of the Board of Library Trustees unless authorized by the Board to do so. When speaking to the public or the media about the Zion-Benton Public Library or Board action, library trustees should be careful to define when their remarks represent personal opinion and when their remarks represent official board position. Trustees are always seen as members of the Board even when they qualify their comments as personal.

Adopted 05/22/07